Insteon Dimmer Module

Insteon Dimmer Module


Easily control dimmable lamps and other lights remotely with this plug-in module from Insteon.

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Insteon and Yonomi

Insteon's wide range of switches, dimmers, outlets, sensors, thermostats, bulbs, and hubs make it one of the best options for those looking to automate their home. With its patented dual-mesh technology, Insteon devices can communicate through both wireless radio protocols and a building's existing electrical wiring for snappy response times.

Integrating your Insteon account with Yonomi allows you to get even more out of one of the largest and most versatile smart home lines on the market.

Why We Love It

  • Control a light remotely, turning it on and off and adjusting brightness levels

  • Switches up to 1800 Watts

  • No installation required — just plug it into your existing outlets



Supported Actions

  • Turn on to %

  • Turn off

  • Set brightness to %

  • Increase brightness by %

  • Decrease brightness by %

Supported Events

  • The module is turned on

  • The module is turned off

Supported Conditions



*The Insteon Hub is required to connect Insteon devices with Yonomi.