Insteon Thermostat

Insteon Thermostat


The Insteon Thermostat gives you remote control of your home’s climate system so you can achieve greater comfort in every room while saving money.

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Insteon and Yonomi

Insteon's wide range of switches, dimmers, outlets, sensors, thermostats, bulbs, and hubs make it one of the best options for those looking to automate their home. With its patented dual-mesh technology, Insteon devices can communicate through both wireless radio protocols and a building's existing electrical wiring for snappy response times.

Integrating your Insteon account with Yonomi allows you to get even more out of one of the largest and most versatile smart home lines on the market.

Why We Love It

  • Control your thermostat from anywhere
  • Works with even the most custom HVAC systems — including advanced 2-stage systems
  • Save energy and money by automating the temperature with Insteon sensors and Yonomi Routines
  • Available in both wired and batter-operated versions


Supported Actions

  • Set mode to {mode}
  • Set fan to {fan_mode}
  • Set mode to {mode} and set point to {setpoint}
  • Set cool to {setpoint}
  • Set heat to {setpoint}
  • Increase set point by {setpoint}
  • Decrease set point by {setpoint}

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*The Insteon Hub is required to connect Insteon devices with Yonomi.