LIFX A19 LED Bulbs

LIFX A19 LED Bulbs


LIFX bulbs are not just smart, they are bright! 1100 lumens to be exact. That's the equivalent of a 75 watt incandescent bulb. LIFX only uses 11 watts to generate the same brightness so you'll be saving as soon as you plug them in.

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LIFX and Yonomi

Yonomi plays well with LIFX bulbs. LIFX (pronounced LIFE-X) is a company out of Silicon Valley with roots in Australia that has created a WiFi-enabled, multi-colored LED bulb that you can control via a smart phone. No hub needed. The LIFX bulb is designed to last over 22 years!

Keeping it simple, yet powerful. Have your lights turn on at sunset, dim at bedtime and even change color when the morning brew is up. You can manage them individually or add them as a part of your Routines. And like Yonomi, they work without a hub.

Why We Love It

  • No hub required

  • 1100 lumens bright

  • 16 million colors

  • 1000 shades of warm to cool whites



Supported Actions

  • Turn on

  • Turn off

  • Toggle power

  • Set brightness to {brightness}

  • Set color to {color} at {brightness}

  • Set temperature to {color temperature}

  • Fade in for {time} seconds

  • Fade out for {time} seconds

  • Pulse alert

  • Breathe alert

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