Logitech Harmony Hub

Logitech Harmony Hub


Harmony Hub is the center of your home entertainment and home control solution. Placed near your television, set-top box, game console and other equipment, it uses Infrared (IR), Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi to control your various devices.

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Logitech Harmony Hub and Yonomi

We’ve worked with our friends at Logitech to make it even easier for Harmony Hub users to get more out of their home. Now that Yonomi and Logitech work together, you can effortlessly integrate all of your Harmony Hub’s smart home systems into your Yonomi Routines. We’re making customizing and controlling your home environment easier than ever.

Why We Love It

  • CONTROL IT ALL VIA SMARTPHONE OR TABLET: Harmony Hub turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote, giving you control over your home entertainment and smart home devices. You can change channels and volume, program favorites, control lights and other smart devices, and build multi-device experiences called Activities. Plus you can do it all even when you’re away from home.

  • WORKS WITH YOUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE Harmony Hub works with over 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices so you can enjoy single-touch control with your favorite brands, right out of the box. From your TV, cable and gaming console, to your AV receiver and Roku® media player—all the way to your smart lights, locks, thermostats, and even your Alexa—Harmony Hub proudly works with just about everything.

  • UNLIMITED ACTIVITIES Lower the blinds, dim the lights, fire-up the TV for movie night—all with a tap of the finger. With Harmony Activities you can enjoy single-touch automation to trigger limitless experiences. Harmony automatically suggests everyday Activities or you can have fun creating as many as you can dream up. Time for bed? Tap “Good Night” to lock the door and turn out the lights, then fall into a deep and tranquil sleep.


Supported Actions

  • Start actvity
  • End activity
  • Power off

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