Lutron Caséta Plug-in Lamp Dimmer

Lutron Caséta Plug-in Lamp Dimmer


The Caséta Smart Lighting Plug-in Lamp Dummer from Lutron fits into your standard outlets to transform any lamp into a dimmable smart lamp. It features two lamp receptacles so you can control up to two lamps at once.

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Lutron Caséta and Yonomi

For anyone looking for whole-home smart lighting control, there are few options that jump out quite like Caséta by Lutron. The Caséta Wireless system of switches, dimmers, and plugs allows you to transform the lighting in your entire home—and we’re proud to support the entire Caséta line along with Serena shades and blinds.

Why We Love It

  • Simply plugs in to a standard outlet

  • Features two lamp receptacles so both lamps can be automatically controlled together

  • Works as an extension of your Caséta Smart Bridge — the first lamp dimmer extends range of Caséta Smart Bridge by 30’

  • Works with 100 W dimmable LED/CFL or 300 W incandescent/ halogen bulbs

  • The Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge is required to use your Lutron devices with Yonomi



Supported Actions

  • Turn On

  • Turn Off

  • Set Brightness to x%

  • Increase Brightness by x%

  • Decrease Brightness by x%

Supported Events

  • The Dimmer Is Turned On

  • The Dimmer Is Turned Off

Supported Conditions