Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor

Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor

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Mimo uses proprietary sensor technology to give parents insight into their baby’s sleep – helping them see patterns they never thought existed and develop plans to improve sleep routines. Mimo actively keeps parents updated throughout the night to changes in their baby’s activity, and can connect multiple caregivers at once – ensuring everyone gets quality sleep and stays on the same page. Because when baby sleeps, parents sleep.

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Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor and Yonomi

Why We Love It

  • Stay connected and share: Check in from anywhere, and share with caregivers so everyone stays in the know about how the baby is sleeping — when a baby sleeps better, the entire household sleeps better.

  • Safe for baby: Mimo uses ultra low- power Bluetooth Low Energy, which is lower power than a standard audio monitor or your smartphone.

  • See real-time information: See breathing, body position, skin temp, and wake/sleep all in real-time, and stream audio anywhere you are, and get customizable alerts when anything changes.

  • Get nightly snapshots Mimo generates a daily timeline of how the baby slept, how frequently they woke up, if any alerts were generated, and captures other notes you enter.

Supported Actions


Supported Events

  • The baby woke up
  • The baby fell asleep
  • The baby is active
  • The baby is stirring while sleeping

Supported Conditions