Nest Protect

Nest Protect


It’s time to expect more from your smoke alarm. The new Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out. It has an industrial-grade smoke sensor, tests itself automatically, and lasts up to a decade. It's also the first home alarm you can hush from your phone without any extra hardware required. And just like the original Nest Protect, it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone.

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Nest Protect and Yonomi

Why We Love It

  • Thinks, before it speaks. Nest Protect has a friendly human voice that gives you an early warning. That way you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster.
  • Tells you where the danger is. And when one speaks, they all speak. So the alarm in your bedroom can tell you there’s smoke downstairs.
  • App Silence. Hush alarms with your phone, not your dish towel. If everything’s under control and there’s only a little smoke, quiet down the alarm from the Nest app.
  • Phone alerts. Everyone in your family can know what’s going on, from anywhere. When something’s wrong, Nest Protect sends everyone an alert in case no one’s home.
  • No chirps. Tired of getting woken up at 2am by your smoke alarm? Long before it has to chirp, Nest Protect tells you its batteries are running low with a message on your phone. And don’t worry, that won’t happen for years.
  • Safety Checkup. Test all your alarms with a tap. And once the test is done, you’ll get a full report.
  • Family Accounts. Everyone in the family can have their own Nest Account. No more sharing a login. You can all use your phone to hush and test alarms. And you’ll all get alerts on your phone if something’s wrong at home.

Supported Actions



Supported Events

  • There is a smoke alarm
  • There is a CO alarm
  • There is a smoke warning
  • There is a CO warning
  • Smoke is no longer alarming
  • CO is no longer alarming

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