Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station


The Netatmo Weather Station's Indoor Module measures your indoor comfort by providing vital data through its sensors, alerting you when you need to air out your home to bring down its pollution levels. It tracks information such as temperature, humidity, air quality, ventilation warnings, and sound. The Netatmo Weather Station improves quality where it matters most, inside your home.

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Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

Yonomi connects with your Netatmo account to automate both the inside and outside of your smart home. With the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station, you can collect information about your home to improve quality where it matters most. Track your station data on multiple phones, receive notifications, and activate Routines. Need some inspiration? Trying setting up this simple Routine to get started.

Why We Love It

  • Real Time Data - Automate your home with real time data for accurate alerts to multiple devices with no subscription fees or storage limits. The wireless connection between modules is long range of 100 meters (about 328 ft).

  • Designed to Last - Thanks to its one-piece aluminium design and cylindrical shape, this Weather Station fits easily into any home. Built with premium monobloc aluminum and UV resistant; the netatmo Weather Station is made to last.



Supported Actions


Supported Events

  • Temperature greater than {value}°C

  • Temperature less than {value}°C

  • Humidity greater than {value}%

  • Battery level below {value}% (Outdoor Only)

  • C02 is greater than {value}ppm (Indoor Only)

Supported Conditions