Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase


The Sonos Playbase delivers cinema-quality sound in a slim profile that rests right on your TV stand. Enjoy the benefits of the ultimate home theater experience paired with wireless streaming of all your favorite music, radio, and podcasts.

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Sonos and Yonomi

Yonomi and Sonos make a great pair to get you moving in the morning, turn on some relaxing music when you get home, and more. Sonos pairs with all of your favorite music services, including TuneIn, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Music, and many more and makes it easy to route music all over your home. Add a Sonos to your Yonomi platform to play music when you get home, wake you up with the local radio in the morning and much more.

Why We Love It

  • Cinematic sound for music, TV, movies, and more

  • Exceptional dialogue clarity with Speech Enhancement

  • Pairs with your TV and remote

  • Low profile and space-saving woofer design

  • Apple AirPlay compatible with iOS devices



Supported Actions

  • Play your Sonos Favorites and Stations

  • Group multiple Sonos speakers

  • Play, Pause, Skip, and go Back Tracks

  • Set Volume and Mute/Unmute

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