TP-Link Color Smart Bulb (LB130)

TP-Link Color Smart Bulb (LB130)


The LB130 color smart bulb from TP-Link offers wireless control of your lighting and integration with your Yonomi Routines in an affordable package. The LB130 color smart bulb offers a full range of colors and brightness levels so you can set the perfect mood for every room.

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TP-Link Color Smart Bulb (LB130) and Yonomi

As one of the world's largest makers of connected devices, TP-Link provides both reliability and affordability for smart home owners. With their diverse range of WiFi-enabled smart bulbs and smart plugs, you can easily retrofit a whole room or your entire home and create beautiful scenes using Yonomi—no additional hub or hardware needed.

The LB130 color smart bulb with tunable white light gives you total control over the color and brightness of your lights without breaking the bank. Plus, without the need for an extra hub you can easily add smart lighting in every room of the house.

Why We Love It

  • No extra hardware required—start creating smart home Routines straight out of the box using a WiFi connection

  • Easy to set up and connect to your home's WiFi using TP-Link's free Kasa app

  • Low energy usage for a greener home and lower utilities costs without sacrificing brightness

  • Full RGB color profile plus adjustable temperature (2500K-9000K) and brightness level (up to 800 lumens, 60W equivalent)

  • Circadian Mode to dynamically adjust light intensity and temperature to mimic the natural light patterns outside your home

  • Lifetime rating of 22.8 years for long-term savings


Supported Actions

  • Turn On

  • Turn Off

  • Set Color to {Color} at {Brightness}

  • Set Temperature to {Temp}

  • Set Brightness to {Brightness}

  • Fade In for {Time} Seconds

  • Fade Out for {Time} Seconds

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