Wemo Smart Air Purifier

Wemo Smart Air Purifier

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Keep the air in your home clean and fresh no matter where you are and no matter what time of day. The Holmes® Smart Air Purifier with Wemo® can be controlled remotely and is designed for medium to large sized rooms.

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Wemo Smart Air Purifier and Yonomi

Why We Love It

  • Schedule: Prepare your ingredients, then program your cook settings. Simply choose your temperature and cook time, and you're done!

  • Monitor: Want to know how dinner is coming along? Check status of your meal to find out how much time is left, cooking temperature, or even turn it off.

  • Modify: Running late? Simply adjust the cooking time or temp to fit your schedule. Then enjoy your slow-cooked meal when you're ready.

  • Notify: Let everyone at home know dinner is served, even if you're not there! Get notifications when cooking is complete or the unit turns off.


Supported Actions

  • Set to {Mode}
  • Turn Off
  • Enable Auto Clean
  • Enable Ionizer
  • Disable Ionizer

Supported Events

Events & Conditions are no longer supported for Wemo devices.

Supported Conditions

Events & Conditions are no longer supported for Wemo devices.