Withings Body

Withings Body


Body offers a complete weight tracking experience tailored to individuals seeking easy, effective weight management. Weighing in is just the first step. Each session also provides instant feedback via weight trend and BMI screens, plus automatic sync to a free app on your smartphone, so you can track progress any time, anywhere.

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Withings and Yonomi

Withings is one of the leaders in the connected-health revolution, offering beautiful, smart products and services that help people become happier and healthier. With Withings and Yonomi, you can trigger Routines to run when you hit your activity and weight goals to motivate you to live your best life. Or, you trigger a Routine to run when your heart rate is outside of its normal range to help you monitor your health.

Have an older Nokia Health device? We support those, too!


Why We Love It

  • Gain instant insights into your weight and BMI so you can get a complete picture of your health

  • Stores profiles for up to 8 people so the whole family can track their health together

  • Data is synced automatically to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi for quick results



Supported Actions


Supported Events

  • I log my weight

  • My weight is greater than {Value} lbs

  • My weight is less than {Value} lbs

Supported Conditions