Withings Pulse

Withings Pulse


Advanced tracking, every step of the way – whatever your fitness level or style, the Withings Pulse can help you be more active and improve your health. During the day it captures steps, distance walked, elevation climbed and calories burned. At night, it monitors your sleep cycles. And when asked, it measures your heart rate and blood oxygen level. With this data at hand, Pulse empowers you to make informed choices.

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Withings Pulse and Yonomi

Why We Love It

  • Steps Every step counts! Know where you stand and how fast you are progressing.

  • Elevation The Pulse counts the feet you climb because it represents extra effort.

  • Distance Track the distance to realize how far and how fast you have traveled.

  • Calories To reinforce your motivation, instantly know how many calories you burned.

  • Heart rate Check your heart rate after exercising to monitor your recovery rate.

  • Oximetry Check your blood oxygen level to assess the overall efficiency of your respiratory function.

  • Wear it your way Slap it on your wrist using the adjustable watchband, attach it to your belt or apparel using the clip, or drop it in your pocket or bag.

  • Run smarter Analyze running in real time: When jogging, pressing the button once will bring forward your duration and distance.

  • Sleep Tracking Time to go to bed? Place the Withings Pulse in the wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis. The next morning you can precisely assess your sleep. The in-app graph shows your sleep cycles and lists sleep quality indicators.


Supported Actions


Supported Actions

  • I take more than {Number} steps

  • I walk {Distance} miles

  • I climb {Elevation} feet

  • My SpO₂ level is below {Percent}

  • My heart rate is higher than {Heart Rate} bpm

  • My heart rate is lower than {Heart Rate} bpm

Supported Conditions