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Yonomi One - Powerful App Platform

A powerful platform for integrating and automating the smart home.

Yonomi One is a powerful platform for building apps and services that integrate with the world's most popular smart home devices.

Yonomi One - Scenes and Routines

Deliver beautiful in-home experiences with our scenes and routines engine.

Yonomi One is more than just robust device integrations. With our built-in scenes and routines engine you can add one-touch automation to your app to provide magical smart home experiences for your consumers.

Yonomi One - Aggregate 100 APIs

Aggregate more than 100 popular devices (and counting) with a single API.

Yonomi One replaces the need for dedicating internal resources to building and maintaining device connections. Our platform powers automation of more than 100 top devices so you can focus on what you do best—delivering amazing apps and services to your customers.

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Built With Yonomi One


Gentex is using Yonomi One to power smart home connectivity for luxury car makers like Jaguar Land Rover.



The Yonomi One Ecosystem

Develop amazing in-home experiences that leverage the full power of our partner ecosystem.


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Yonomi One Features

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Automatic device identification


Device management and control

:: Feature 003.png

3rd party account authentication


Routine/Scene creation and execution


Routine recommendation templates


3rd party scene execution


Device types, traits, and archetypes


Robust device state querying support


Device grouping

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